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International Summer School - 2012

 «Corporate communications»

August 01 - 22, 2012


Students who participate in this program will have a very unique opportunity to explore the rich Russian culture and learn about the Ural Region and Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg), Russia while learning about theories and applications  in Corporate communication a core and behavioral course. They will have the opportunity to work alongside Russian students in large Corporaions, where we get to design internal and external communications. We will also get to learn about Russian culture and the Ural specific with help of some planned exciting excursions and events include visiting other cities surrounding Ekaterinburg in the Ural region of Russia.   This project is something that will enhance the Resume in terms of valuable experience and make students ready for employment in large Corporations later on.


Our programme contains:

• Russian language classes of different levels.

• Lectures and practical classes in corporate communications: 

communication management in corporations, reputation management, integrated marketing communications, corporate culture, conflict management, specific of business communications in Russia, social corporate responsibilities, corporate media, internet corporate communications.

• work on the projects alongside Russian students on the bases of large Corporations in the Ural region which are the partners of the program. 


In addition to basic courses you will get:

• excursions to Ekaterinburg and the Ural region places of interests.

• participation in discussions, consultations with specialists and experts.

• the certificates of Ural Federal University, department of marketing communications and branding.


Why to be a summer student of Ural Federal University, department of marketing communications and branding? 

• We offer an exceptionally interesting and challenging programme which permits to work together with Russian students  for developing mutual project at the large Corporations.

• The classes will be taught by well-known professors, best experts in their fields.

• It is a unique chance for a summer school student to know more about Russia, broaden intellectual horizons and improve Russian languages skills within a short period of time.


Necessary to know: 

• Summer students can stay in a dormitory of Ural Federal university (the price is about 5000 rubles (about 150 euro) per the summer school period).

• Summer students can stay in a students hostel (the price is about 10500 rubles (about 250 euro) per the summer school period).

• The price for all the programme (including all courses and activities, excursions) with Russian language classes is 25000 rubles (about 600 euro).


How to become our summer student:

• fill the application form;

• make the scanned copy of your passport;

• send the registration form and the scanned copy of the passport to foreign@uralbrand.ru;


We receive the application forms till May 31, 2012. 

• If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them, you are welcome to address us by e-mail: foreign@uralbrand.ru


The school will be held:

Ural Federal University

Ekaterinburg, Russia



Olga Novoselova


tel: +7(343)202-38-02


We are looking forward to see you in Ekaterinburg in August 2012!